The Fight for Access to Medical Cannabis is Far From Over

The Fight for Access to Medical Cannabis is Far From Over

Despite all the lobbying medical cannabis is still illegal at the federal level.  There is major support across all demographics including military veterans for the legalization of medical marijuana.  However despite the wave of support the Republican controlled congress still wants to keep medical marijuana illegal. Quick Stop is a Eugene dispensary who actively supports the legalization of marijuana after witnessing the positive impact cannabis has had on many of their clients overall well being and quality of life.

Cutting Funding

In July the Republican House Rules Committee wouldn’t permit the “Veterans Equal Access” amendment from being including in the funding for Veterans Affairs.  This amendment would have seen funding for medical marijuana for vets in states where it had already been legalized.  There are thousands of vets who use medical marijuana to treat a variety of conditions, everything from PTSD to treatment of chronic pain from combat injuries.

Jeff Sessions

Many of the supporters of the bill believe that it was quashed in order to appease Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The Attorney General has been very vocal in his opposition to legalization and marijuana use.  Jeff Sessions even tried to get congressional permission to use federal funding to go after medical marijuana, even in states where it had already been legalized.

Schedule 1

Despite the fact that there is widespread support for legalization both in a medical and recreational capacity and the success of the states who have implemented legal marijuana it is still a Schedule 1 drug.  Even the largest veteran’s organization The American Legion is calling for marijuana to remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 list and acknowledge the potential medical value in treating veterans and others.

At this time the Veterans Affairs forbids doctors from telling patients that marijuana may be an option to treat their conditions.  The failed amendment would have changed that and allowed doctors who treat veterans to recommend marijuana in states where medical marijuana is permitted.  With the overwhelming amount of PTSD cases among veterans and the mounting evidence that marijuana can help has earned support from veteran’s across the country.  Here is one vet’s story.

Despite this set back from the House Rules Committee the fight for access to medical cannabis is far from over.  With widespread support for the legalization of medical marijuana it is only a matter of time before the law changes like we have seen in more than 20 states.  How long can Congress hold up against the will of the public.  We must continue to advocate and contact members of Congress and the House to show your support for the legalization of medical cannabis.

Which States are Next to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Which States are Next to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana usage is already legalized in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Questionnaire results say that almost 90% of American citizens support medical marijuana usage, but percentage of citizens who support legalization is lower and it is around 60. It’s also important to say that the percentage of respondents who support medical marijuana is bigger. Will some more states get green light for recreational marijuana legalization soon? Is Donald Trump’s administrations attitude to crack down on marijuana sale help or obstacle for states which take action for legalization?

Potentially, there are 22 states in which are actions that support legal marijuana usage. In most countries advocates are fighting battles to implement this idea into reality. Many reforms are already made, but there’s still much work to do in the fight for legalization.


There are some rumors that Delaware could be next one country which will get appropriate law. Also known as the First State, Delaware could become ninth state where recreational marijuana usage could become legal. In the beginning of July, with the help of Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, legalization of marijuana bill passed the committee test which was a big step forward.

Wyoming and Mississippi

There were some signs that Wyoming and Mississippi could be next great candidates where marijuana could be accepted. But, in Wyoming, a group working on marijuana legalization failed two times to collect 25673 signatures to put this problem on the ballot. In Mississippi, there are some actions that encourage supporters of marijuana legalization to believe that their actions will germ in next coming year.

Other States

Beside states that are mentioned above, and which made the biggest effort to achieve the goal, we can’t forget to mention that Maryland, Arizona, Texas, New York, Missouri, Hawaii, Connecticut, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and Washington D.C. also make a big effort for the same goal. In all of those states there are many initiatives which prod reformation of cannabis law. There are still many hurdles to be overcome. Other states are still at the level of debates on this topic.

There’s a general opinion that in states which could start with initiative in future, the process of recreational marijuana legalization could be easier and shorter that it was in states which were trailblazers. As many states already made recreational marijuana legal, as easier other states would propel different initiatives which could take actions to rearrange states’ laws.